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Rates & Fees

Many merchant services providers quote rates that simply do not apply to many business owners. But,We understand that every business is unique. We strive to offer rates and fees that are tailored to the needs of each particular type of merchant. Instead of rushing into rates that may never actually apply, our sales representatives take the time to find out about our clients in order to receive a complete understanding of their business. We encourage you to fill out the free* no obligation information form to the right and one of our highly trained sales representatives will contact you immediately. We know you will be more than satisfied with the services we proudly offer.

ServiceIndustry RatesOur Rates
Application/Set up Fee$95-$250 Non-RefundableFree* Set Up Fee$49-$99Free*
Terminal Free$200-$400free*
Debit/Check Card Rates1.59% 0.38%
Retail/Swipe Rates1.79% - 1.99%1.39%
Key-in/Internet Rates2.59% - 2.99%1.99%
Discover/AMEX Setup Fee$25 - $50Free*
Credit RestrictionsVery StrictHigh Approval Rate
Transaction Fee25-35 Cents10 Cents
Monthly Gateway Access$25-$35$7.95
PCI Ccompliance$100-$200Free*

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