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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a merchant account?
2. Which cards can i accept with Wotex Merchant Services?
3. Can i accept payments with my mobile phone?
4. How do I apply for a merchant account?
5. When my transactions will get funded?

6. Can I'll be approved with bad or no credit?
7. What if I need help with my account?
8. What types of merchants does Wotex Merchant Services approve?
9. What type of Reporting is available?
10. How long before I can start accepting credit cards?
11. I'm not sure what terminal, equipment or software is best for my business?
12. Will I be trained to use the credit card terminal?
13. What is PCI DSS?
14. I only process a few hundred dollars a month. Does my merchant account still need to be PCI Compliant?
15. Is there a fee for becoming PCI compliant each year?
16. Can I choose not to certify for PCI Compliance?
17. Will I be provided with anything that I can display to my customers showing that I am a PCI compliant merchant?
18. How long is the PCI compliance certification valid?
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